Does not exist Service authlib

Bug Report Template


in the /root/mail folder i see lots of mails with the following;
Does not exist Service authlib

Date:        Thu, 21 Mar 2024 05:53:57
Action:      restart
Host:        [hostname]
Description: process is not running

Your faithful employee,


ApisCP version: cpcmd misc:cp-version
revision: b30a6a04b5eab1133a6fa2095ab7d16d0f223df7
timestamp: 1710360209

Operating System: uname -r

Additional Information

subject of the mail
monit alert – Does not exist authlib

282 files with this error

That’s a monit alert that checks authlib’s health. You should see the counterpart emails too, that notify you a successful check for authlib as well.

Dupe of rspamd mail seen but not in the userfolder - #3 by msaladna