Need advice setting account resources..

How much resources i give for moderate traffic website lets say 500 to 1k visitors a day… Joomla/wordpress behind cloudflare(free) and cache enabled?.. Does the db auto tuned by apnscp panel?

There’s no hard rule. Look at peak memory consumption, which doesn’t reset over the uptime of the server to determine an upper limit for memory usage. I’m working on bringing resource counters to the panel, which will provide better insight going forward. PostgreSQL is automatically tuned, but MySQL is not yet (it’s higher usage and a little trickier to optimize). That’ll evolve through extension once resource counters are added to the panel, which serve as a basis for predictive analytics.

Check out in the interim. MySQL tuning will be based on this script.

hi admin how to install php extension, I want to enable the php opcache… thanks

It’s already installed.