SPF domain alignment mismatch

When emailing as a domain configured in apiscp - The senders address is down as:

Is there a way for this to be presented, instead of [myhostingplatformsdomain].uk, to instead be
[emailrecipient]@[customerdomain].co.uk, so spf can get a match?

I ask as I haven’t much of a reputation as yet.

ver_maj: 3
ver_min: 2
ver_patch: 39

RHEL 4.18.0-513.9.1.el8_9.x86_64

This is part of SRS, which occurs whenever a message is delivered to a forwarded address on the server or if the destination is final on the server. For the former case, it’s necessary to restamp the Return-Path for SPF alignment (otherwise matt@apisnetworks.com delivered to matt@apiscp.com, which forwards to matt@gmail.com sees @apisnetworks.com for SPF).

In the latter case, Return-Path calculation doesn’t happen until before delivery. rspamd checks the message before this occurs but if you’re using SpamAssassin, then this could pose an issue.

What prompted this concern?

Hey, apologies.

I had a whole explanation typed out - but the forum won’t let me post as it’s recognising the sudo-domains as links. I’m reaching the two links limit for new users.
No chance you could lift that limit for me so I can paste in the comment I wish to make :slight_smile:

Thanks so much!

I will answer the call for concern tho - I haven’t much of a mail reputation, although I do have a clean IP. I’ve been blocked from sending mails to hotmail/outlook.com. I’ve since had that raised. As a result however, whilst I’m still building a reputation, it’d like to get SPF and DMARC aligned as best as possible.

Upped to 10. SPF should align provided you’re not forwarding mail off the server. Do you have a specific case where the sending message to a destination didn’t align?

Thank you! Appreciate it a ton :slight_smile:
Hope you’re having fun holidays!

So this is sending mail outbound from a mailbox within apiscp to external addresses, so no forwarding in place - these are being sent directly.
Laying this out:

customers domain: apiscp.com
servers domain/hostname: apiscp.apisnetworks.com

emailng from matt@apiscp.com, from the server with ApisCP installed on apiscp.apisnetworks.com. On the recipients side (hotmail / gmail etc), it’s seeing the email sent from

Does this make sense?

So the recipient server is looking at the spf record for apisnetworks.com, but also noting the sender is matt@apiscp.com, so it’s seeing an SPF mismatch between the domains.

Hope this is making sense, it’s sending me in a wabble just typing this.

I’m used to using gsuite / o365 etc, when using those products, I’d expect the domains for both to match, so the spf would align. I’m wondering if there’s a way to set this?

How’s the message being sent? I sent a test email through webmail (SquirrelMail) from msaladna@futz.net to msaladna@gmail.com. The email’s return-path is msaladna@futz.net as expected. Same holds true when sending over port 465 or 587.

You’re right,

In gmail it’s showing as SPF pass under the owners domain. learndmarc.com is showing otherwise - but I’m thinking this service is wrong.

Sorry, I’ve got one more question - I can start a new thread if you prefer?
I’ve got an account with several add-on domains. I want seperate mailboxes for each domain if possible, but the way it’s against a user doesn’t seem to work for my scenario.

I want info@domain1.com to go to one mailbox
I want info@domain2.com to go to another

Is there a way of going about this, with these domains within a single account?

Kind Regards,

Send me the samples as rendered to matt@apisnetworks.com to verify; I think it’s a matter of specimen.


I had a customer kickback the other day that the user@domain schema is confusing, because it suggests email addresses. In that situation, user#domain is also a valid way to login.

Appreciate it, but I think that’s sorted.

Yeah, I actually tried what your kb suggests just through logic, but you’re looking at setting the reply to address etc. Not really what I wanted, I ended up needing to split the domains out and give my friend 8 sets of credentials - I don’t like how mail users are handled at all, I’d originally expected mailboxes to exist with a specific address. Splitting the domains out has worked for now.

Thanks for your help.