Akeeba backup utility

i got this error using akeeba backup to restore a joomla backup

“Could not open archive part file /var/www/html/site–20190729-124954pst.jpa for reading. Check that the file exists, is readable by the web server and is not in a directory made out of reach by chroot, open_basedir restrictions or any other restriction put in place by your host.”

Fortification released = enabled…

i prefer this way to restore a joomla website

is there any way to disable temporary some security so i wnable to restore my sites…

problem fixed thanks you…

PHP-FPM is running as a separate user from the account owner. Two options exist,

  • Run PHP-FPM as the account owner temporarily, EditDomain -c apache,webuser="$(get_config "DOMAIN" siteinfo domain)" -D DOMAIN. PHP-FPM will now run as the account owner; you can switch back after importing Joomla.
  • Change the Web App owner to “apache” via Web > Web Apps > Options.

Also confirm you’re running PHP-FPM for that site (Account > Summary > PHP Model should report “PHP-FPM”).

Theres a bug when editing a user. I created a account when some features disable like scheduler. When i try to enable through edit and save changes, the username of the account changes to admin username. And i cant edit the username to original…My last option is to delete the account, but got this error


i reinstall the panel, now cant create a website erro message “strlen()”

Enable debug mode (cpcmd scope:set cp.debug true and enable backtraces cpcmd scope:set cp.config core debug_backtrace_qualifier -1). Send me a copy of the backtrace for that strlen() error.

the problem is in the mysql password when all chars is integer it will not accept…

password:1234567 (error)

better have validator on each fields every input might help :slight_smile: and add a button yo generate a random password.

Fixed in master, will be part of the next release. Thanks for the bug report!

It’s a matter of how types get evaluated from command-line. Adding a domain through Nexus calls the command-line utility AddDomain that in turn runs it through a typecaster to find the most restrictive subtype for the given data. It’s up to the service validator in the backend to make sure it’s the right data type. :slight_smile:

please take a look also the mail for admin…
I already setit up onninstalation but i never receive any mail after installation.Got may details on log…

this appers on dashboard even i set a mail on setting, Operation succeed but I think the mail not saving…

Integrity checks

Oops, you haven’t set an email yet for the admin! apnscp will send a report once a month with a platform inspection summary detailing all changes repaired on this server. Set your email address in

Regression with module entrypoint. It’s fixed now in v3.6.7!

bugs found:

remote download of > 700mb(.zip) filesize, when the files extracted it only contains only a blank files and o bytes file size… Try on small file no problem… Can you take a look admin thanks…

Not able to reproduce with either “Open Archive” in the panel or “Download and Extract” from the File Manager. Sounds like the file download ended unexpectedly.