alternative tls names to avoid tls errors for ftp and mail access

Hey i actually try to figure out how to add/edit the alternative ssl names for a server so customers can use their own mail.* dns entries to fetch mail instead of the server common dns name.
If i check the my server certificate i can see that i added some alternative names already but i cant figure out which file was edited by me or how i did that.

I also have a xyz.text domain in the dns manager i would like to delete but cant figure out how.
thanks in advance.

Use port 993/995/465 for IMAPS, POP3S, and SMTPS. These all operate in TLS wrapper mode, which is different from STARTTLS. haproxy, which handles TLS termination for all these services does not implement application level sniffing. Otherwise add the certificate or the wildcard certificate to the batch for support.

You can set [letsencrypt] => auto_bootstrap=true to perform this when an account or addon domain is added to the account.

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