Any plans for other web servers in the future?

Like OpenLitespeed or Nginx?

It makes little difference when Apache is properly configured.

I’ve benchmarked this exhaustively. If you want Apache to perform like NGINX and LS, then it needs to be configured to behave like those, which means removing runtime .htaccess parsing on each request. NGINX/LS might win in synthetic benchmarks, but Apache can do more with threat-deterrence , monopolization control, malware scans, and PageSpeed optimization that is no longer officially supported in LS.

Shifting focus to page rendering optimizations, it’s easy to pick up a 150x improvement on rendering by letting PageSpeed rewrite the computed HTML by optimizing out milliseconds instead of microseconds.

cPanel did a disservice to Apache, and still continues to do one to this day by using prefork as its MPM. Prefork is what generally gets associated with Apache’s poor performance, that and FilesMatch or top-loaded .htaccess files.

EasyApache 4 installs the prefork MPM by default. You can only install one MPM on your system at a time.

To note too, there’s some trickery with Apache that allows efficient addon domain/subdomain usage by computing its docroots at request instead of creating additional VirtualHost containers. From my survey, each VirtualHost container is ~256 KB memory per server. It’s possible to host 100 domains in 1 VH container as those paths get computed dynamically while charging 256 KB instead of 25 MB.

I’m not aware of any analog in NGINX/LS for this.

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