Any plans for remote backup options yet?

Hi, Just wanted to see if there is any update to topics I found from a couple of years ago to add another option for backups either sftp or google drive.

The ability to store remote backups is the only thing that is lacking and due to the backup system I use other panels (I have 2 x ApisCP licenses) I am about to ditch the Alma / Rocky distros and just keep Ubuntu which means ditching the panel completely.

Have searched high and low and have not discovered any ApisCP specific plugins that would do this or scripts to compress and transfer, I’m not a programmer or anything like that, and things simplified just is more convenient :smile:

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I’ve been using Duplicity + Rclone for a while, but have now switched to Borg as Hetzner storage boxes come with support for that and I find it to be better at deduplication, benefiting space usage.

You can have a look at my repo (GitHub - thundersquared/apiscp-duplicity-rclone: Perform automated backups on your ApisCP nodes with Duplicity and Rclone.) and see how well it fits your case, if so.

Relying on Rclone is the highest benefit, as it allows you to target pretty much any storage you can think of (S3, Drive, SFTP).

Otherwise, there’s plenty backup solutions you can adopt as well but you have to test them and see which one works bets for you…

Hi @anatoli thanks for your reply, I will take a look looks to be easier to setup than borg which I could never get to work correctly.

So I just install this and rclone on the same server as apiscp server then configure the settings to the remote location eg sftp or google drive on both?.

I only run the sites and db on that server, mail is on a separate server.

I had some issues trying to run the latest version of Borg on RHEL 8, as it requires Python 3.7 or newer which is not what the OS comes with.

There’s already Mark’s playbook for Borg (GitHub - MACscr/borgbase_provisioning: Work in Progress Ansible playbook and script. Adapted from official borgbase client) which I took inspiration from to build my own. Try again with this if still interested, and reach out for help when needed.

pyenv will work around this. It’s available whenever Passenger is enabled.

cpcmd scope:set cp.bootstrapper anyversion_python true
upcp -sbf software/pyenv
# Once it finishes installing
pyenv install 3.7
# Get the wrapper location for 3.7
PYTHON_VERSION=3.7 pyenv which

Then write a wrapper shell for Borg,


PYENV_VERSION=3.7 pyenv exec borg -opt1 -opt2
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Tried Duplicity + Rclone could not get it to work correctly, I probably just configured it wrong,

So for now I have had to bench ApisCP and only run it on dev vps or if vps has snapshots, ran out of time as was moving dedicated server away from DA when yearly licenses are due to expire.

Currently using another panel until more familiar with ApisCP and will take a look at the backups again when have time