ApisCP v3.2.43 released

v3.2.43. Internal bugfixes, moving toward translatable messages within core. Improvements to cgroupv2 nesting.

[Bootstrapper] Mitogen lxml module blacklist in software/imagick role.
[Cgroup] Last named group in cgroup.controllers reports unmounted.
[Cloudflare] Reading values from auth.yaml, use cloudflare.email parameter if scalar value detected for “key”.
[Ghost] Update reports old version.
[Migration] Mailbox conflict generates separate argument exception.
[Transfer] multiPHP unavailable on target server generates unhandled exception.
[vfs] Apply missing PostgreSQL 16, PHP 8.3 Remi package hooks.

[Bootstrapper] Restart PostgreSQL if needed for TimescaleDB extension update.
[Cgroup] v2 default on all new installs. v2 reduces mount-point pollution with a monolithic controller per group reducing overhead on php-fpm service startup.
[email] convert_mailbox()- invokable by user administrator.
[Linode] Rely on 53/UDP for record lookups until 53/TCP access is restored by Linode.
[php] Passing “null” to $version parameter resets PHP pool to system default.
[Synchronizer] Terminate rpmdb processes to acquire a reader lock.
[Webapps] Update best-match algorithm to prefer same major if an 8.x installer is requested but a 6.x installer is published after the last available 8.x installer.
[Webapps] Rewrite meta initialization such that parseInstallOptions() sets meta, notifyInstalled() commits it. A separate call is no longer needed to initializeMeta() within an app installation routine. Likewise all callbacks registered will fire once meta is committed.

[Discourse] GeoIP key no longer mandatory.