apnscp 3.0 beta released

apnscp 3.0 beta has been released. This is the final leg toward 3.0, which is scheduled for a November release. Likewise no major features will be introduced, instead focusing on shoring up any bugs introduced over the frenetic release schedule.

Changes have slowed down considerably, from 120+ in alpha to just 63 this release. Among those changes are several notable highlights,

  • apnscp PHP upgrade from 7.1 -> 7.2 (migration notes)
  • AWS Route 53 DNS provider
  • Discourse web app support
  • Improved ruby module
  • Wordpress plugin/theme automatic update bypass list
  • Rampart O(1) scaling
  • Passenger helper, run Node/Ruby/Python in standalone mode
  • Bootstrapper job support. Changes are sent over email to panel admin.
  • Expanded config options