Backup Scheduler


I see the demo but I don’t found where scheduler and restore my backup and if I use ftp backup

User-level backups can be configured per web app (Web > Web Apps > Enable Snapshots). These implicitly create a differential of both the filesystem for that app + database prior to updates.

Server-level backups are best handled via Bacula, which handles both incremental and differential backups as well as backs up extended attributes used in Fortification. Backups should be boring, which is why I recommend a single server-level backup that’s turnkey.

Setting up FTP backups per site is liable to result in configuration drifts that might not be such a problem until you realize your 30 day backups weren’t adjusted to the 5 day. Worse yet, because each backup operates independently, you’ve got several independent transactions to monitor instead of an atomic backup as with Bacula,

If you want to roll your own alternative backup solution, look into Borg or restic. You’d want to backup siteXX/shadow and siteXX/info as the minimum as well (see fileset.conf for all files). A single atomic backup is far more durable than several independent backups via FTP, so you’re unlikely to ever see such a feature implemented.

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