Backups with Bacula

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Since releasing 3.0 earlier this year, the number one feature asked for is a backup facility to help manage your data. It’s here!

apnscp-bacula is a project based on the backup system used with Apis over the last 7 years. It’s a reliable system based on Bacula, a leading open-source backup solution. We’ve moved our configuration over to templates that is much easier to configure than by hand, truth be told it took me 6 months to get Bacula working the first time.

The backup server doesn’t need to run apnscp. You can also use block storage to store the backups; just assign the block storage to /home/bacula.

apnscp-bacula will automatically update whenever new releases come out if you’re using apnscp. Run yum install -y bacula-console apnscp-bacula to get started. Head over to the HQ announcement for the rest of the guide!

As always let me know if you run into any issues.