Bacula Frontend Compatibility

Just wanted to check if any of the bacula frontend gui options will be compatible with bacula for apiscp eg Baculum? I have never used bacula before so still trying to work out how it works before installing.

I only use Opencart and currently using a plugin on cron to backup entire site and database to remote ftp but that does not backup email and other settings.

Are there any plans to integrate bacula into the gui for apiscp like rspamd?

If a GUI is necessary, then voting for JetBackup’s inclusion into ApisCP may be your best option. Bacula doesn’t interactively scale as sites and retention depths grow. Splitting this into nearline and coldline solutions could accommodate this deficit but this is beyond the scope of the platform for now.

Additionally, there’s Duplicity that hasn’t been converted to an addin yet. In general, one’s first line for backups should be the Snapshot feature in Web > Web Apps. If you enable snapshots for a site, then rolling back is a 1-click operation. Likewise it enables adaptive intelligence during upgrades as part of the Update Assurance feature.

Database backups are implicitly created for each database created in the panel. Databases tend to be the primary victim of any unintended action to a site. Rolling back a software update is easier than recovering a trashed database from my experience.

Ok thanks, I was looking at Jetbackup awhile ago and have installed as linux only (Jetbackup 5). Seems to be making a backup of all accounts to remote ssh server, selected the folders listing in the docs. however it takes heaps of disk space for 4.9 gb of files in 6 accounts so will have a go at bacula on a test vps

Only backup info/ and shadow/ components of an account. ApisCP works as a layered filesystem, a derivation of Ensim back in the day.