Builtin DNS Manager

Hello I want to learn more with ApisCP,
I know there are many DNS options at https://docs.apiscp.com/admin/DNS/
but now i want to use Builtin DNS
there is a warning message like this
"Cannot fetch zone information for` mydomain.com ': no master nameserver configured in config.ini
Non-authoritative for zone mydomain.com "
what to do next?

“builtin” assumes you implement your own functionality via surrogate. Surrogates are an easy way to extend core functionality without writing a separate provider, but still requires some coding. For example, I run a “builtin” provider for Hostineer that’s built around BIND; that’s how this module began.

Use one of the prebuilt DNS providers for turnkey integration or spin up a free DNS-only node to setup an AXFR-based cluster.