Cannot change Admin Password

I tried changing the password via root, but the output looks like this:

" ERROR: fatal(): Unable to connect to socket, is apnscp running?
Connection refused
You have new mail in /root/Mail "

is there any solution?
Thank You

systemctl restart apiscp

Check /usr/local/apnscp/storage/logs/start.log as well. In these situations 99% of the time the trial license has expired thus deactivating the backend.

still can’t

this is what came out:

WARNING : ListenerServiceCommon::start(): You are running a bugged version of t$
[Sun Mar 21 13:07:33 2021] Checking if frontend started
[Sun Mar 21 13:07:33 2021] Housekeeping…
[Sun Mar 21 13:07:33 2021] Spawning daemons
ERROR : Opcenter\License::validatePurpose(): Validation failed on checkTrial
0B. Error_Reporter::add_error(“Validation failed on %s”, [“checkTrial”])
1B. error(“Validation failed on %s”, “checkTrial”)
2B. Opcenter\License->validatePurpose()
3B. Opcenter\License->validateLicense()
4B. Opcenter\License->verify()
5B. ListenerServiceCommon->_verify()
6B. ListenerServiceCommon->verify_license()

Trial license expired.

apnscp_php /usr/local/apnscp/bin/scripts/license.php info

Control panel will send reminder emails 7, 3, and 1 day before expiration if you’re still on trial as of 3.2.20. See for upgrade instructions from CLI.

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(I detail so that beginners can get this reference)
I did revoke license and made new Activation license
/usr/local/apnscp/bin/scripts/license.php issue ACTIVATION-CODE “some nickname”
after that password can be changed
cpcmd auth:change-password ‘PASSWORD’

thank you :slight_smile:

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