Clean install just showing "Analytics" [Solved]

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Clean install, after logging in just shows,

Steps to Reproduce

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Installed minimal with the VM ‘helpers’ (top checkbox, I forget the exact name) both Rocky Linux 8.8 and AlmaLinux 8.8, added my SSH key to my personal account, added myself to sudoers without needing password, then ran the ApisCP bootstrap.

If I reboot, the server just shows a white page instead of the above screenshot.

Expected Behavior

I expect the control panel to work

Actual Behavior

Screenshot attached.


ApisCP version: cpcmd misc:cp-version

cpcmd misc:cp-version
revision: 8464bd372d7a75c060c44e51a07999599dc43b0d
timestamp: 1689741577
ver_maj: 3
ver_min: 2
ver_patch: 37
ver_pre: ‘’
dirty: false
debug: false

Operating System: uname -r

Additional relevant information (e.g., PHP version, database, etc.):

Additional Information

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grep -m1 failed=1 -B20 /root/apnscp-bootstrapper.log

Has no output.

Run upcp again. Latest release is e6b079fb on edge.

Thank you, working now.