DigitalOcean Install Failure (Bootstrap Error)

I am attempting to deploy a Digital Ocean droplet using the apnscp template from the marketplace. This is supposed to spin up v3.1 on CentOS 7.7.

As root, I proceed to edit the configuration .yml file using nano (as it says in the instructions). All I change is the e-mail to mine ( and the hostname to mine ( I then run the bootstrapper command as per the instructions ( systemctl start bootstrapper-resume )

I have tried this twice with fresh droplets. When I execute the bootstrap log viewing instruction: ( tail -f /root/apnscp-bootstrapper.log ) I see is the following after some config variables and environment messages:

I guess the system is trying to access When I try to ping that address, I get no response.

I’d really like to use this product, as it looks amazing, but I’m unable to get the bootstrap to work. Any help is appreciated.


That’s typical behavior and a soft failure when automatically configuring IPv6/IPv4 support.

Reproduced on a fresh 8 GB image; ClamAV package names changed with 0.101.5 released on February 25. I’ll resubmit a new image to DigitalOcean with the correct callback and package definitions.

Alternatively… prior to kicking off installation:

sed -i -e 's!json!default!' /root/
pushd /usr/local/apnscp
env UPDATE_POLICY=edge BSCHECK=0 "/usr/local/apnscp/build/" --reset

That should tide you over until they OK the next image. :slight_smile:

Edit: submitted revised image, waiting on approval.

I’m a bit confused. Does that mean that bootstrapping was successful? It never sent me an e-mail with my admin login.

However, this time around I was able to reset my admin password using the commands given on the digitalocean instructions and was able to log into the control panel. Does this mean my installation is up and running?

Sorry, I am new to this product. Thanks,

If there’s no MOTD when logging onto the server, everything installed OK. It wouldn’t hurt to do a full platform scrub too, upcp -sb or cpcmd scope:set system.integrity-check true.

An updated image is now available on DigitalOcean’s Marketplace that corrects these issues. Feel free to stop by Discord if you run into anything else!