Error Postback failed!!!

I am running two installs and keep getting Error Postback failed!!! among other problems on both installs.

What is the best way to start troubleshooting this?

This occurs during a session invalidation such as SSO’ing into another account or inactivity logout. There‘s a backend poll that checks the job queue. SSO’ing invalidates that current session and yields the response.

Ok, it is good or bad, it happens while I am active in the panel.

also, I am not a coder, that means nothing to me.

It’s how session management works presently, one active session in all tabs. In DevTools inspect the XHR section under Network to see the request that failed.

Don’t worry about it then. It’s benign.

Ok, lets turn this thread into support to my second install that isn’t functioning.

I can log into the panel and get the main screen, but anytime that I use any of the menu items on the left, it just times out. Oh yah and multiple postback errors before.

Two things, can you login if you open up a new private browsing session? If so, and it still hangs when accessing any menu item, create a new test account from CLI. PM me the server IP.

AddDomain -c siteinfo,domain=domain.test -c siteinfo,admin_user=testadmin -c auth,tpasswd=testpassabcdef123