Extending apnscp primer

Help and discussion on extending apnscp. For helpful starting points with extending apnscp. Note that any software that modifies any system configuration or platform state must have a corresponding addin. This is to ensure a platform can heal itself if configuration drifts.



  • What’s the difference between a surrogate and provider?
    Surrogates overwrite a module. Providers extend a module. Surrogate is one-to-one and a provider is many-to-one. For example you may use 1 billing system for accounts. A surrogate module in lib/modules/surrogates named billing.php would work. Different accounts may use different DNS providers, so a provider is appropriate.
  • What providers exist?
    apnscp recognizes mail and DNS providers.
  • Can we include my module in apnscp?
    Possibly. Reach out to me at matt@panel.dev to discuss inclusion. In general, modules distributed with apnscp should work without requiring third-party licensing.