Failed to activate DNS license despite setup with has_dns_only=true

Failed to Activate DNS license despite setup with has_dns_only=true


I am unable to activate a DNS-only license on a server configured with has_dns_only=true.

Steps to Reproduce

  • Install ApisCP and enable has_dns_only=true between first and second stage.
  • Attempt to activate DNS-only license

Expected Behavior

License activates without issue.

Actual Behavior

License activation fails with:

Key activation failed
Opcenter\License::validatePurpose(): Validation failed on checkDnsOnly
Opcenter\License::download(): failed to validate renewed certificate
Admin_Module::activate_license(): Failed to activate license


ApisCP version: 3.2.38
Operating System: 4.18.0-477.21.1.el8_8.x86_64

A DNS-only license cannot host any domains. Any domains on the server must be removed first. This check is done by examining the domain count in /etc/virtualhosting/mappings/domainmap.

Remove these domains before attempting to issue a DNS-only license.

I have no domains setup though?

That file states the following:


How old is this install?

/usr/local/apnscp/bin/scripts/mapCheck.php rebuild will clean this record provided the account isn’t present in /home/virtual.

Install has been up for approximately 3 hours.

Running the above command resulted in:

INFO   : Scanning apache.domainmap
WARNING: unknown(): site1 MISSING apache - orphaned site?
         0. Error_Reporter::add_warning("%s MISSING %s - orphaned site?", ["site1", "apache"])
         1. warn("%s MISSING %s - orphaned site?", "site1", "apache")
INFO   : Scanning billing.domainmap
INFO   : Scanning billing.parentmap
INFO   : Scanning domainmap
INFO   : Scanning ipmap
INFO   : Scanning mysql.prefixmap
INFO   : Scanning mysql.usermap
INFO   : Scanning pgsql.prefixmap
INFO   : Scanning pgsql.usermap
INFO   : Scanning ssh.portmap
INFO   : Scanning reseller
INFO   : Scanning whitelist
INFO   : Rebuilt domainmap.tch

With no change to the contents of domainmap.

DeleteDomain --force site1 should take care of it. Send me the backend log, /usr/local/apnscp/storage/logs/start.log either via PM or

That appears to have done it. Sending log to your PMs now.

Edit: nvm, I’ll email it. I can’t find the Message button :stuck_out_tongue: