Failed to validate GPG signature for rspamd-3.7.3-1.el8.x86_64


I am unable to install APISCP Successfully.

Steps to Reproduce

  • This is the command I generated using your Apiscp Customizer
    curl | bash -s - -s use_robust_dns='true' -s always_permit_panel_login='true' -s php_install_ioncube='true' -s dns_default_provider='null' -s whitelist_ip='[REDACTED]' -s system_php_version='8.2' -s pgsql_version='15' -s spamfilter='rspamd' -s apnscp_admin_user='admin' -s apnscp_admin_email='[REDACTED]' -s mariadb_version='10.11' -s system_hostname='[REDACTED]'
  • This was on a 1.5 GB RAM Ryzen VPS. I have updated limit_memory_2gb to 1300 in root/apnscp-vars.yml for install to continue

Expected Behavior

For Apiscp to install successfully

Actual Behavior

TASK [mail/rspamd : Install rspamd RPM] *******************************************************************************************************************************************************
FAILED - RETRYING: Install rspamd RPM (2 retries left).
FAILED - RETRYING: Install rspamd RPM (1 retries left).
fatal: [localhost]: FAILED! => changed=false 
  attempts: 2
  msg: Failed to validate GPG signature for rspamd-3.7.3-1.el8.x86_64

PLAY RECAP ************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************
localhost                  : ok=1305 changed=28   unreachable=0    failed=1    skipped=667  rescued=0    ignored=0   


ApisCP version: cpcmd misc:cp-version

ERROR  : Util_Process::formatDataCallProc(): cd: fatal: detected dubious ownership in repository at '/usr/local/apnscp'

Operating System: uname -r

[root@almalinux-8 playbooks]# uname -r

Additional relevant information (e.g., PHP version, database, etc.):

Additional Information

This was on a fresh almalinux 8

Processor  : AMD Ryzen 9 7950X 16-Core Processor
CPU cores  : 1 @ 4499.984 MHz
AES-NI     : ✔ Enabled
VM-x/AMD-V : ✔ Enabled
RAM        : 1.3 GiB
Swap       : 1024.0 MiB
Disk       : 28.5 GiB
Distro     : AlmaLinux 8.8 (Sapphire Caracal)
Kernel     : 4.18.0-240.15.1.el8_3.x86_64
VM Type    : KVM
IPv4/IPv6  : ✔ Online / ❌ Offline

Thanks for the report. rspamd 3.7.3 had to be manually pulled in while I wait on rspamd/rspamd#4703. Changes have been pushed upstream, which if the install is still looping - it’ll pick up these changes next iteration otherwise systemctl restart bootstrapper-resume to continue installation.