FileManager, problem have

Try make symlinc, folder /var/www/html. No, it make in /home/user. Same happen, upload file. File go /home/user. Make new file, same problem. Always /home/user, why?

More explain problem: I in different directory in FileManager. But file not go in this directory. Always go /home/user. Why always /home/user? Not understand. Need help.

Okay, here how I do, you try see problem:

  1. Open FileManager.

  2. Go directory /var/www/html.

  3. Try make symlink here. But no, it make in /home/user, why?

  4. Same with upload file. I in /var/www/html, but file go /home/user, not here.

  5. Try make new file too. Still, it go /home/user. Not right place.

  6. This also happen other directory. Not only /var/www/html.

FileManager always put file in /home/user. Not directory where I am. This the problem. You try, you see. Why like this? Need fix.

I cannot reproduce the issue as stated. See attached screencap. Chrome 113.0.5672.93