Fresh installation fails due to Google Modpagespeed not found on google server.

Trying a fresh install from a Hetzner Cloud server, but installation fails all the time.

2024-04-24 21:15:43,439 p=29116 u=root n=ansible | fatal: [localhost]: FAILED! => {“attempts”: 2, “changed”: false, “msg”: “Failure downloading, HTTP Error 404: Not Found”, “results”: []}

When I try to access/download the URL from my personal computer, it can successfully download the file.
But whenever I use the cloud instance, it fails with CURL… What I think is the region based repo from google is missing this file. And this started from 2 days ago. How can I somehow force the installation to download the file from another URL ? or any better way to fix this ?

Environment: Almalinux 8 and latest APIScp

I’ve seen this before in a European region.

What’s the IPv4 and IPv6 of the mirror from the server?

I do not remember or still have the record of the ipv4/ipv6 but I remember that I have looked up ip-info at that time and it was Google Frankfurt and Google Paris Cloud that were hosting (or better say not hosting) this mod_pagespeed rpm’s. Seemed like Google’s major locations in Europe were missing this file.

Ok, I just got the error again and saved the URL. It’s again IPv6-only returning a 404. This time it’s Google Amsterdam apparently.
IPv6: 2a00:1450:400e:811::200e (Error 404)
IPv4: (good)