Hide DNS tab when provider is "null"

Is it possible to hide the DNS tab if “null” is selected as provider? It doesn’t make sense to me to show this page if it returns successfull on any input. This can be confusing.

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Implemented for Site Administrator on Edge. This cannot be reasonably implemented for Appliance Admin because individual accounts can use various DNS drivers while the server default remains null.

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Thanks for the quick implementation. This is really good and removes confusion imo.

The SPF tab can be disabled too I think because it shows the same info message:

SPF Record Setup for domain.com
No DNS records found for hostname “domain.com”. DNS is probably not setup correctly.

Can the SPF tab be disabled, too?

There’s utility for generating a SPF record for use with a remote DNS provider. It won’t be disabled but will be more useful. That’s on my lengthy list of things to change coming up in the next release.