Invalid CF Key notice when trying to create first domain

When I set up ApisCP on my server I chose Cloudflare as my DNS because I’m going to use them anyway. I went to Cloudflare and set up the dns provider API token and pout it in the customer install screen and the install went quickly and without hiccup.
Now that I’m trying to set up my first domain to install wordpress and set up a website I get the following error…

Action failed

: Opcenter\Dns\Providers\Cloudflare\Validator::keyValid(): CF key failed: Invalid request headers
fatal(): failed to create account

I don’t see a spot in the domain creation to create or input a key so what key is invalid and cause the domain account to fail with a fatal error?

I’m confused as I was not able to find many doc’s on the ApisCP website about setting up domains and websites. It’s mostly about setting up the server.

API token is invalid or lacks permissions. You’ll want to roll a new one since you pasted it in the backtrace as well.

ok so it’s just telling me to get another api token for the domain itself if I read you correctly.
Thank you Matt.