JobRunner Paused?

So I created a new user in Nexus…

I logged in as that user and installed WordPress.

I see the job as the user, pending, at the top in the two gears.

When I login as admin, it also includes Horizon in the drop-down.

When I select it,

Recent jobs shows the two jobs, with the traditional ‘Paused’ image (two vertical parallel lines).

Clicking ‘view details’ “crashes” my browser. If I wait long enough my browser shows ‘this page is causing your browser to run slow, stop or continue to wait’.

Is it running but slow? Over an hour? Or is the ‘Jobs’ task not running?

What even is WebPress? I don’t think we have native WebApps for this software, so Horizon shouldn’t be that much concern. Try restarting the panel with systemctl restart apiscp and see if that solves anything…

WordPress, not WebPress. Sorry.

I’d suggest running a manual install in debug mode to find out if there’s anything wrong during that process.

env DEBUG=1 cpcmd -d wordpress:install OPTIONAL-SUBDIR '[ssl:1]'
# example
env DEBUG=1 cpcmd -d wordpress:install '' '[ssl:1]'

This seems to have solved it.

Thank you.

Interesting. I’ve not seen this before. If you can reproduce it, confirm Horizon is running,

ps ax | grep horizon

We’ll go from there. The backend will periodically poll to ensure Horizon is active, restarting as necessary.