Key must be in hexadecimal when using cloudflare as DNS

Hello Team,

Could you help me out, I am trying to edit a domain. I want to use Cloudflare as the DNS provider.

EditDomain -c dns,provider=cloudflare -c dns,key='[key:*****wUMLm_UlEGcxzXiPPlUyVayUy-zPKZOpT7L,email:ku*******,proxy:false]'

However, I am getting this message below when I run the command above
ERROR: Opcenter\Dns\Providers\Cloudflare\Validator::valid(): Key must be in hexadecimal ERROR: Opcenter\SiteConfiguration::verifyAll(): failed verification on servicedns’

Could someone help me out?

API token isn’t the same as API key. An API key is hexadecimal and requires an email address. API token is non-hexadecimal, as entered above, and does not require an email address. I’ve made changes in 3.2.6 that will try to guess what is intended and emit a warning if an email is provided with the API token.