Look at ApisCP as a change from CPanel or Plesk.

I am looking for a replacement for CPanel or Plesk for our 100+ websites. I would like to hear from people who have gone this route. There are a number of things I need to consider.

  • We need to be able to offer sub accounts so that people can make changes to their own websites if needed. This only happens rarely but sometimes it is needed. Hence we are looking for a reseller solution.
  • We need to have reasonable isolation between sub accounts. That is we wouldn’t like malware from one customer’s poorly patched WordPress site infect other customer’s WordPress websites. Currently our approach has been to have a subscription to CloudLinux but I am open to alternative solutions (if necessary).
  • We need an “upgrade path” from Plesk to ApisCP. There are just too many sites to transfer to do this by hand. We would need some kind of API that we can use to upload tar balls, import databases to MySQL and install SSL certificates via some kind of automated script. (I am aware that we might need to commit resources to coming up with that script but it needs to be possible).
  • We want to automate as much of our business operation as possible so having a comprehensive API for ApisCP would help in that respect.
  • Commercial support and what hours that support is available

Extra bonus points but not an immediate requirement are:

  • Be able to set up an email server easily as our current email / DNS provider who has traditionally been our email provider has undergone being part of a merger that has resulted in this previous level of support being diminished. However running an email server is not part of our core skill set. If its possible that we could form a partnership that would increase what we can offer our customers could be a definite plus.
  • We have other sites Wagtail / Django / Python websites which when we started building those sites we had limited options in terms of usable admin web panels. It would be great if ApisCP would help us to get everything under one roof.

There may be other things I may not have thought of but those are some things that have been at the forefront lately.

Would ApisCP be a good fit for us?


I would recommend spinning up a copy to see if ApisCP works for you. All installs include a free 30-day trial. ApisCP provides subuser and account linkage through billing,parent_invoice subordinates.

Isolation is a core feature of the filesystem.

AFAIK the best way to import is to export Plesk to cPanel then import the cPanel backup into ApisCP.

Platform is API-driven. Whatever you can do in the UI has a corresponding API command. Check out cpcmd.

Commercial support is covered in Support.

Email is a tricky subject. ApisCP covers SPF, DKIM, DMARC. In addition to that there’s a subset of best practices for mail that I recommend all users follow as a minimum. You can always route outbound mail through a smart-host such as MailChannels as well.

ApisCP is polyglottal. It also supports Ruby, Python, and Node apps through Passenger as well as Go in addition to Docker.

ARCHITECTURE.md is a good starting point to help summarize all of these features. It’s a documentation-heavy platform, which could be a turnoff for some.

Lastly, I’d also humbly request you make this decision weighing the fact I’m also /u/tsammons whom you blocked many moons ago ultimately on the topic of who’s responsible for malware. By that run-in alone I will say this product isn’t a good fit for your needs because I’m not a suitable fit for your needs.

Thanks for the full disclosure and indeed that was a long time ago and even the world was a very different place back then. (For instance pre covid). I am not one to hold grudges if you are willing not to. However I found back then, that Reddit was extremely judgemental and extremely accusatory who loved to play “blame the victim” which is more reminiscent of communist China than a free society. I have since learned that if people don’t want to help me that its best just to move on and find forums that are a better fit for me.

However on more of the sinister side it doesn’t say much for Reddit’s commitment to privacy.

There is no need to juxtapose a contemporary crisis much less draw parallels. I need to ensure this platform is firing on all cylinders. ApisCP would not be a good fit for you at this stage.