Networksetup question

Hi all,

I have a setup question.
howto do this:

on 1 WAN connection setup a apiscp server and 1 other server
both use ports 80 and 443


Thanks for the link.
Im still not sure howto setup this.

[WAN] >
p1 = server1
p2 = nas

both needs port 80 and 443 on 1 public ip is this possible?
and how to setup?

You’d need a reverse proxy on the router (or before p1/p2) to forward the hostname to the proper internal IP. This ends up being protocol-dependent. Something like haproxy or Envoy would actually be able to do this.

How to Map Domain Names to Backend Server Pools With HAProxy

Using Envoy to Route Internal Requests

Hi Matt thanks for your reply!

I have an test setup with a raspberry pi with Nginx Proxy Manager will that work?
or do i need the HAproxy?

And what about mail and ssl certificates on the server1 (apcp)
nas does not use mail ports only server1
both do use ports 80 and 443

or is it easyer to buy an additional IP adres?

You’d need to research how this works. Here’s something I found from a quick Google search.

I’m only able to support ApisCP and ApisCP’s core features, which are disclosed here. Providing support for third-party software on third-party ARM-based platforms would fall under the Gold support plan, which begins at $249 per 2 hours. If this is something you’d be interested in me looking into, then you can purchase a Gold support plan within

I’d estimate 6-8 hours of work depending upon scope of work.

Thanks for youre reply, i understand :slight_smile:
Will think about it. for now i have my server2 at a remote site located. would be nice to in the future if is have them more near me. my broadband can be upgraded to 1000mb fiber up and down for the same price :smiley:

i have now got 2 ips on the same wan so this is for me the most this is the simplest/easy way for me.