Not recieving any emails (admin/updates etc)

I recently installed ApisCP. I have not recieved any emails on the email address configured. i.e. emails about changes / updates / website created / app installed etc.

How would I go about troubleshooting this issue?

Any help is appreciated.

Mail will be sent to the address assigned to the account (siteinfo,email parameter). Mail to the appliance administrator is sent to whatever is set for that admin, (cpcmd common:get-email to get. cpcmd common:set-email user@domain to set).

You can fire off a test email using cpcmd misc:notify-installed xyz. Take a look at /var/log/maillog, that’ll provide further information as to deliverability. If the network has poor reputation, then relaying through a smart host would be necessary.

Thank you Matt!
That was a good starting point. I had to tinker around a bit, but I got it working.

I use ZeptoMail as SMTP relay. I referred to this article ZeptoMail SMTP relay in combination with the ApisCP docs.

ZeptoMail was rejecting the mail as the sender domain was the same as hostname (which was a sub domain of the domain I was using).

Additionally, is there any way we can find out all the setters & scopes available in ApisCP ?
I could not find all the scopes in the docs.

I could not find this had you not suggested it
cpcmd misc:notify-installed xyz

For e.g. I had to set the following in /etc/postfix/


I would assume, the above can be set using cpcmd as well. Which would be the right way to do it.

Thank you again!

cpcmd scope:list. This mirrors what’s available in the UI under Configuration. Information per-scope is available through cpcmd scope:info.

cpcmd misc:l reports all commands available to specific role. cpcmd misc:i module:command will provide inline documentation.

It’s advisable to set postfix_custom_config to avoid these values being overwritten in the future. For sender_canonical_classes and sender_canonical_maps, be sure you’re appending rather than overwriting as these have special meaning with SRS.

You can verify the changes by running upcp -vsb mail/configure-postfix; the process should be idempotent if configured correctly.

Thank you again Matt!

I set everything in /root/apnscp-vars-runtime.yml.

 mtp_sasl_security_options: <val>
 header_size_limit: <val>
 smtp_header_checks: <val>

I am assuming the above syntax is correct.
There were no errors when I ran upcp -sb mail/configure-postfix.

I believe upcp -vsb.. “v” was a typo?

Thanks again for helping out.


-v is verbosity, scaled between -v to -vvv otherwise only changed items are reported.

mtp_sasl_security_options. You mean smtp_sasl_security_options.

-v is verbosity, scaled between -v to -vvv otherwise only changed items are reported

Ah, Thanks for clarifying that out.

mtp_sasl_security_options . You mean smtp_sasl_security_options .

Ironically, this was an typo :slight_smile:

Thank you again!