Nuke Postgres -

Is there an easy way to remove postgres; I have no need for it?

No, PostgreSQL is used by the control panel to store account metadata, mailbox mappings, telemetry, and more. Of the features that may be disabled, you may use a Scope:

cpcmd scope:set ftp.enabled false - disable FTP
cpcmd scope:set mail.enabled false - disable mail

Ok, thanks was just looking to drop 855 megs of overhead.

Reduce the WAL logging size.

cpcmd scope:set pgsql_optimize_configuration false

Then change max_wal_size in /var/lib/pgsql/12/data/postgresql.conf. Restart PostgreSQL to enact changes. Both bandwidth and metrics are a RRD that periodically compress metrics. Most of your storage is in pg_wal/, which is the double-write buffer in the event of a crash.