open ports list

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Is there a list or an overview witch ports need to be open to work with email / webserver / etc?

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ApisCP is using standards ports for the service (port 80/443 for apache, 143/993 for email etc.). ApisCP itself requires 2082/2083 for the webinterface and probably some other for webdav and some other.
It’s all managed by apiscp so usually you don’t need to mess with this unless you have a hardware firewall.
For some services you can also set custom ports which apiscp will automatically reflect in the software firewall configuration: Apache | ApisCP Docs

All external ports are covered by the firewall under Firewall > Jails with the exception of 2083/TCP as part of its “public backdoor” firewall feature.

So for the record;
open ports;


and 2083

nothing more?

No, this list is incomplete. Here’s the list in its entirety from Firewall > Jails linked previously.

Jail Port protection Role
dovecot 110, 995, 143, 993 IMAP/POP3 failures
evasive 80, 443 HTTP brute-force
malware 80, 443 HTTP uploads containing malware
mysqld 3306 Remote MySQL failures
pgsql 5432 Remote PostgreSQL failures
postfix 25, 587, 465 Anomalous SMTP traffic
postfix-sasl 25, 587, 465 SMTP (SASL auth) failures
spambots 25, 587 Known bad SMTP fingerprints
sshd 22 (or sshd_port) SSH failures
vsftpd 20, 21, 989, 990 FTP failures

For mail, postfix + dovecot ports must be open. For FTP, vsftpd ports must be open. For webserver, evasive ports must be open. Plus panel port, 2083.

If remote MySQL or PostgreSQL support is required, then mysqld and pgsql ports must be open as well. All are TCP.