Optimize new server install only for PHP script usage

Very newbie knowledge on this awesome panel.
Please advice what arguments I can add to my current install command?

curl https://raw.githubusercontent.com/apisnetworks/apiscp-bootstrapper/master/bootstrap.sh | bash -s - -s use_robust_dns=‘true’ -s always_permit_panel_login=‘true’ -s php_install_ioncube=‘false’ -s dns_default_provider=‘null’ -s apnscp_admin_user=‘xxx’ -s apnscp_admin_email=‘xxx@gmail.com’ -s mariadb_version=‘10.5’ -s apnscp_update_policy=‘all’ -s system_hostname=‘apiscp.domain.com’ -s passenger_enabled=‘false’ -s mail_enabled=‘false’ -s enable_horde=‘false’ -s rspamd_enabled=‘false’ -s ftp_enabled=‘false’ -s user_daemons=‘false’ -s clamav_enabled=‘false’

Thank you so much.

I don’t want to use **has_low_memory** as I read it will degrade performance.

Any complete list of all possible arguments I can add?
This file:

Seems incomplete.

Use the Scopes app within the panel after setup for granular control. Those options in apnscp-vars.yml are common parameters with a low risk of confusion or misconfiguration. Scopes app shows the intersection of defaults and compulsory settings (defaults/ + vars/) with inline annotations read from resources/playbooks/roles.

One of the core tenants of this design is opinionation - provide a platform configured with general optimizations and best-practices, hiding the kitchen sink for those that want to explore ApisCP in-depth.

grep -E '^\s+-\s\w' /usr/local/apnscp/resources/playbooks/bootstrap.yml | awk '{print $2}' | while read ROLE ; do 
echo "*** $ROLE ***"
cpcmd scope:get cp.bootstrapper $ROLE | grep -v '^\s*$'

That’ll list just what’s in defaults/, not vars/. On that alone you’re looking at ~971 settings. vars/ adds another few hundred settings. All overrides get saved in /root/apnscp-vars-runtime.yml, which always win over what’s set in defaults/ and vars/ for a given role.

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How about php_install_ioncube, is that compulsory to be enabled?
Or I can disable it fine?

Can you possibly list all PHP/Apache extension I can disable via install command?

PHP is built as a monolithic release for performance considerations. You can overwrite the configure script if you’d like as of the last commit.

Hop on edge first or edge-major (cpcmd scope:set cp.update-policy edge-major)

cpcmd scope:set cp.bootstrapper scope:set php_configure /path/to/php.config
upcp -sb php/install

I believe this’ll work based upon my napkin math.

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