phpMyAdmin post_max_size customization and graceful fpm restarts

How can I increase the value of post_max_size strictly for phpMyAdmin?

I do not want to unnecessarily apply this directive change for all sites.

Also, is there a way to gracefully restart or reload php-fpm if one were to make a global directive change via one of the /etc/phpXX/*.ini? Or which service(s) should I restart/reload so that phpMyAdmin sees those changes?

Edit: Or would it make more sense to just use the Terminal to import the SQL file?

Create a file named .user.ini in /var/www/html. It follows PHP-FPM configuration. Once you’ve adjusted upload_max_filesize + post_max_size you can restart the server PHP-FPM via systemctl restart php-fpm-MAIN.

You can also do this at database creation in the control panel through the “advanced” section.

The .user.ini file and graceful restart worked perfectly. Thank you for the fast response!

I :heart: ApisCP.

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