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please for next major release a 1-click install for python apps(flask and django)…thanks

I don’t believe it’ll make it in .45, that is focusing on ad hoc webapp profiles and opening the framework to third-party, but will be within the next couple releases. :smile:

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@msaladna is it possible to upgrade to mariadb 10.5 as my current app is already using that, i’ve gone through the docs but 10.4 is the current supported limit.

Added support for 10.5 just now :slight_smile:

Install a new copy of ApisCP and specify, -s mariadb_version=10.5 in the customization command.

Never perform an in-place upgrade. You’ll run into complications with cross-linked libraries or corrupt table definitions. I’ve seen situations, for example, where an older version of MariaDB accepted record sizes > 8126 bytes and newer versions in fact prohibited records of this size locking access to those tables.

It’s best to perform a platform migration, which will do a full export/import of the data for consistency checks. If you’re using integrated DNS, then ApisCP will also take care of the IP address changes automatically.

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