Quota Warning Mail Template

Hi, sometimes SiteOwners get Quota Warning Mails like this:

Betreff: Account domain.tld on ApisHost.ApishostDomain.tld reaching disk quota
Datum: Thu, 26 Oct 2023 16:01:05 +0200
Von: help@mydomain.com
An: SiteOwnerAdmin@SiteOwnerAdminDomain.tld

The account domain.tld is at 90 percent full of their alotted quota.
Do not reply to this message.

For assistance, please email help@mydomain.com or contact us on XXXXXXXXXXXXXX

The Web Server.

My questions:
How to change this “Mail Template” and
How to change the help@mydomain.com E-Mail Adress
How To Change the XXXXXXXXX.

I am not aware, and also found no information in the Documentation that there are Variables or Templates for this Quota Mail which should be configured.

That’s not generated by ApisCP. Only maildrop has knowledge of the final delivery (LDA) and has no built-in feature to generate quota warnings.