Restoring a site or multiple sites

I am trying to test backups and verify. How can I restore a deleted/corrupt site or recover from a failed server using a previous Bacula backup? The metadata is in the info folder but how can I tell ApisCP to restore it? The doc mentions in the future you can restore an entire site by marking the site at the root level. Here is the doc I’ve been using: Bacula | ApisCP Docs

I am not finding anything in the docs to recover a site or recover from a failed server. I only see how to restore certain files/folders.

That’s getting adapted from the transfer rewrite, which is due up after cgroup delegation that I’d like to get out this week. Right now it’s a matter of copying the data over, adding users back from /etc/passwd in the backup, creating addon domains in info/domain_map. You can work backwards to ingest the data. In 20 years, I had to do it once. The deletion was my fault on a manual removal.

For the majority of issues, accidental deletion, pulling the file or email account back is adequate. Files are explanatory. Mail accounts are snapshotted into siteXX/info/email_addr. Database backups are located in ~/mysql_backups or ~/pgsql_backups depending upon the flavor.

Sounds great, looking forward to the ability to restore an entire site for sure. This is the only thing keeping me from moving other sites into production.