rspamd now available

rspamd is now available for spam filtering in apnscp. rspamd replaces SpamAssassin or can even augment its capabilities by acting as a before-queue milter. I’m using it on a collection of servers for testing with excellent filtering results. Best of all, rspamd will serve as a DKIM/ARC signer in future iterations of apnscp.

Use this thread for any questions or configuration recommendations.

Since publishing the article there’s an easier way to make changes to rspamd using config_set + upcp. For example, to change the spam maximal score to 10 (it scores as a sigmoid function by the way):

cpcmd config_set apnscp.bootstrapper rspamd_weight_bayes_spam 10
upcp -sb mail/rspamd

Set rspamd_weight_bayes_spam in /root/apnscp-vars-runtime.yml, then run the mail/rspamd role in Bootstrapper without updating the panel code (-s or --skip-code). Any role mentioned in bootstrap.yml can be processed in this manner. Add multiple roles by delimiting with a space.