Softaculous remote installation

Is there anyway to set permissions for clients to use Softaculous remote install?
It will end up saying that it’s unable to read the config file and installation fails. Even with fortification off. Files will appear but with apache as the owner instead of the user.
Thanks in advance

You can always make ApisCP behave like cPanel by setting the apache,webuser value to the account administrator (or None/null for short). This would forfeit any perks of Fortification or Audit support.

Additionally if you’d like to keep PHP-FPM a separate user, putting the Web App root in write mode (Fortification > Write Mode) would open permissions for the unprivileged user, apache, write access.

Okay. Thank you. I’ll see how that goes. I appreciate your help

Well Softaculous is adding the test file, but still returns: * Unable to access the file uploaded to the domain.
And it can even create the datadir folder

Make sure you’re uploading it to the right document root and that the permissions are correct. This may be something to reach out to Softaculous. PHP files can have 600 permissions as they are read by the PHP-FPM process. Directories must have at least 711 permissions such that Apache can traverse. If it’s a static file, e.g. test.html or, then that files should also be 644 such that the web server can read.

Okay. So if I want to install on a subdomain, I have used /var/www/

I’ll check the permissions