SpamHaus DQS spam filtering

A new addin has been released to bring SpamHaus’ DQS extension to apnscp, apnscp-rspamd-dqs. apnscp-rspamd-dqs is a zero-administration module for rspamd that acts as a before-queue milter at SMTP connection time.

What’s a before-queue milter?

Milters (“mail filters” portmanteau) come in two flavors, before and after-queue. Before-queue milters are applied before an email is accepted into a system. Ultimate delivery information isn’t known, but the sender is. Before-queue milters are inexpensive checks, typically DNS checks, to reduce overhead that can be incurred down the pipeline.

DQS Performance

DQS catches up to 42% more spam than public SpamHaus mirrors. Results on VBSpam are achieved by using only the DQS dataset, meaning that if you just add an antivirus to your email filtering setup you can possibly reach the same performance as other commercial antispam products.


  • apnscp must be running rspamd as its spam filter
  • SpamHaus DQS key. Registration required.
# Set the key 
cpcmd config:set apnscp.bootstrapper rspamd_dqs_key KEYFROMABOVE 
# Setup addin 
cd /usr/local/apnscp 
git submodule add resources/playbooks/addins/rspamd-dqs 
git submodule update --init --recursive resources/playbooks/addins/rspamd-dqs 
cd resources/playbooks ansible-playbook addin.yml --extra-vars=addin=rspamd-dqs

And that’s it! Enjoy!

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