SSL certificate

How exactly do you import an existing SSL certificate?
I don’t see any options to upload, or paste key and certificate.
Thank you

Covered in, use ssl:install.

I don’t recommend importing SSL other than a bridge in migrating a site over. SSL certificates are only trusted for up to 13 months in both Safari and Chrome. In addition to that, there’s no automated means of renewal for these certificates. Moving the process to Let’s Encrypt that automatically renews as well as notifies you of any irregularities every 3 months is the best option to ensure a well-oiled machine.

Okay. Thank you for your help
Would potential clients have to have a purchased SSL installed via shell command?

Any reason they’re purchasing SSL in 2022? I was able to wean my internal clients off paid SSL over the years, resulting is greater satisfaction and convenience overall.

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I’m not sure.
I myself love let’s encrypt.
I guess just for looks and self satisfaction.
Some people pay for a certain service just because they always have

This is an obstructive design element: the feature exists but it’s unlikely to find space in the GUI because it’s bad practice.

I’d reach out and determine what reservations they have with using Let’s Encrypt to automatically deploy and renew SSL for them. It has the same mathematical proofs underpinning including support for stronger, faster elliptic curve cryptography. Likewise commercial EV certificates were flawed marketing jargon offering no quantifiable advantage and in fact, facilitated phishing.

SSL is SSL is SSL at this point, there’s no difference between paid and unpaid certificates for the web.

If there’s ever an issue with automatically renewing a certificate, which happens 10 days before expiry - it can be changed via [letsencrypt] => lookahead_days - then both you and the email assigned to the account (siteinfo,email service value) are notified.

These notifications close any potential renewal gaps that could arise and overall a much better experience.

Disregard the red borders, it’s a side effect from editing in Thunderbird to remove the domain

Thank you. I appreciate it