System only emails?

I use mxroute, I’m trying to understand how system only emails work.

Web>Web Apps> install application

It’s asking for an email, how would I set mxroute to work with that? I’m not trying to make email for clients, just only on the nodes to send the progress email.

Thank you!

Configure the SMTP credentials in ApisCP via config/auth.yaml under the smtp section.


  password: authpasswd
  port: 587
  username: authuser

systemctl restart apiscp to update configuration. You can verify it works as intended with cpcmd misc:notify-installed abc, which will send an email to the server admin retrieved via cpcmd common:get-email.

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Is authentication mandatory? How would IP-restricted with no auth required settings look like/would it work when using Google Apps like this?

When i use smtp ip based login no auth is required on my case with Postal.

Leave the username field empty in auth.yaml.