Unable to create new account with severely limited options, and when created, account does not show up under Nexus

I am trying to use this in a DEV environment. As such, there is a lot that isn’t needed in an account, so I have been trying to create an account without things such as DNS, SSH for individual accounts, SSL, mail, majordomo, and even (for at least the first account), MySQL.

For the last two weeks, I have been hammering my install trying to create such an account, with zero success. Finally, today I managed to create one (with warnings, honestly have no clue what I did materially different but suddenly it worked), but when I return to the Nexus, nothing is listed.

When I try to create the site again, I get the error “domain domain.com' already attached to site id1’”

Why does this site not show up under Nexus?

How can I create an account with only the absolute basics (no DNS, no SSL, nothing except raw hosting)?

Were you on 3.0 or 3.1 at the time? 3.1 is now out and fixes quite a bit of anomalies with site failures.

AddDomain -c siteinfo,domain=foobar.com -c siteinfo,admin_user=testuser -c ssh,enabled=0 -c dns,provider=null -c ssl,enabled=0 -c mail,enabled=0 -c mysql,enabled=0

That’d be the easiest way of approaching this. For domain.com, it could exist in a few places:

  • /etc/virtualhosting/mappings/*
  • if in domainmap, remove entry then remove domainmap.tch, systemctl restart apnscp to regenerate hash
  • siteinfo table, psql appldb, followed by SELECT * FROM siteinfo WHERE domain = 'domain.com'; if it’s there, DELETE FROM siteinfo WHERE domain = 'domain.com'.
  • physically in /home/virtual, in which case it wasn’t deleted

Sounds like it’s present in the siteinfo table but not domainmap.tch, which is what Nexus reads from. Switch over to 3.1 as well if you haven’t before going further.

I also have this issue on latest build. The page went white blank when I create a domain.
I re-enter the address bar without refresh, click back to nexus, but the domain wasn’t there. Got the error message “domain domain.com' already attached to site id 1’” when recreate.

Resolved the issue by removing domainmap entry as you suggested.

Stick the panel in debugging mode (targeted frontend debugging should suffice). PM me the stack trace it generates. A backtrace may also be available under /usr/local/apnscp/storage/logs/start.log.