Web app meta shows wrong Wordpress version


Web app meta panel shows an incorrect version for Wordpress. Auto-update is not enabled, instead the installation is updated manually through Wordpress Admin.

Steps to Reproduce

Detect a Wordpress web app.
Note the WP version number reported in the web app meta panel
Uncheck “Enable auto-updates”
Enable Fortify MAX
Enable “Write mode” for x mins
Update Wordpress through the WP admin dashboard
Verify Wordpress has been updated.

Expected Behavior

The new Wordpress version number to be displayed in the web app meta panel

Actual Behavior

The Wordpress version number found when the Web App was first detected is displayed.


ApisCP version:
revision: 6cea4811baf2feb43f69b4f091d20bb16aa31d67
timestamp: 1692854617
ver_maj: 3
ver_min: 2
ver_patch: 38
ver_pre: ‘’
dirty: false
debug: false

Operating System:
CentOS 8 Stream, 4.18.0-500.el8.x86_64

Additional relevant information (e.g., PHP version, database, etc.):
Web app uses PHP 7.4

Additional Information

Some screenshots to illustrate the description:

(I’m only permitted to add a single upload)

upcp. Run Detect on the app again, fixed in edge!

Multiple image attachments work fine for me, Chrome 115.0.5790.171.

Splendid. thanks Matt. Pretty low priority bug so appreciate the quick fix.

Multiple images only allowed if you’re not “new”, apparently. I’ll wait until I’m old.