XenForo 2.2.x Loader.io Testing on Free plan with DO $15

I have done here an Nginx/LEMP stack testing:

Anyone with great experience with ApisCP try to load test same VPS specs?
I’m still learning from the start now, and I cannot beat my Nginx setup yet :|.

Specifically the Maintain client load test.

I will post stats later here once I’m comfortable with ApisCP already.

If you’re just a single-user running XenForo, NGINX will be hard to beat purely on its architecture (CPU-boundedness). At best you can use CacheQuickHandler on and ModpageSpeed unplugged to disable additional protection/optimization processing on Apache.

From what I’ve surveyed, DO has never had the most performant hardware. I build out on Vultr FWIW, but their network leaves much to be desired if you end up in a bad location.

Will that support excluding cache if specific cookie and http header are present?

I used them just for testing and comparison, I mainly use OVH and Hetzner.