Your WP application did not install, error

WP install on dashboard doesn’t work.
What did I missed?

Here are the results from your request to install Wordpress under

ERROR: DataStream::pipeline(): File_Module::chown(): invalid user domain' ERROR: DataStream::pipeline(): File_Module::chown(): invalid user domain’
ERROR: Module\Support\Webapps::parseInstallOptions(): failed to prep docroot for ownership by `domain’

PM me the full log, in particular does the referenced user exist on the account or was it recently removed? Did you change the account username recently? su ; ls /var/www/path/to/docroot - what username is reported in there? Expand the Options section, which username is specified?

Sounds like maybe WP was installed under a location and assigned a custom user. This user was deleted in the panel, WP also removed. WP was installed again thus preserving the previous install options.

Location of the full log?

No, new server install and new domain added.


domain (without .com which is the user admin I input when created the domain account).