Accounts listed but server empty

A transfersite migration failed, I fixed the issues and deleted accounts by looping the sites and running DeleteDomain siteX

It completed, all sites are gone, /home/virtual is empty, siteinfo table is empty and the domainmap is empty but still nexus lists 50 accounts and 0 domains.

New transfers fail and seem to overlap into a “” account which is odd because that’s not an account anywhere. How do I just purge the ghost accounts from ApisCP?

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Well, apparently after an hour and a half it just disappeared. No accounts listed now.

It’s an artifact in TokyoCabinet, dba_sync() needs to be explicitly called to flush the journal and even then I think there’s a descriptor leak in PHP. If you can reproduce this reliably, let me know with explicit steps and I’ll go from there. It’s difficult to pin down irregular concerns.

It happened on two servers. It also shows after deleting an account. As long as I know what to expect it’s ok, but misleading.