SSL Certificates Web Apps not displaying

In the control panel under Web Apps when i click on SSL Certificates im getting a blank page.

cpcmd misc_cp_version
revision: 6250d5173b21d7632823433e1303e4e3af93f652
timestamp: 1716249568
ver_maj: 3
ver_min: 2
ver_patch: 42
ver_pre: ''
dirty: false
debug: false
cat /etc/redhat-release
Rocky Linux release 8.9 (Green Obsidian)

When i turn the debug mode on when i click on the ssl certificates page:

         0. Error_Reporter::trigger_fatal("MXRoute server unset?", )
         1. fatal("MXRoute server unset?")
         2. Opcenter\Mail\Providers\Mxroute\Module->provisioning_records("")
         3. Module\Skeleton\Standard->_invoke("provisioning_records", [""])
         4. apnscpFunctionInterceptor->call("email_provisioning_records", [""])
         5. apnscpFunctionInterceptor->__call("email_provisioning_records", [""])
         6. Opcenter\Crypto\Ssl::generateHostnames(Auth_Info_User)
         7. apps\ssl\Page->get_hostnames()
         8. apps\ssl\Page->init_hostname_map()
         9. apps\ssl\Page->__construct()
        10. Page_Container::instantiateContexted(Auth_Info_User, )
        11. Page_Container::init("\apps\ssl\Page")

Mail provider is mxroute for the domain. The domain does not have a service value set for mail,key nor is the default [mail] => provider_key value set in config.ini.

See for configuring the provider.

Under provider it says mxroute.
this domein uses office 365.
is this not the right option? whats the recommend option? or disable mail completely?

MXRoute is not an appropriate option if the domain does not use MXRoute. You have demonstrated the domain does not use MXRoute, so this provider should not be selected.

Disable mail for the domain as mail is handled by a third-party.