unexpected '=' in /usr/local/apnscp/config/custom/config.ini

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When running “upcp -sb” it keeps placing the following in the config.ini, it keeps leaving out the quotes “” for provider_key= and keeps apnscp from starting.

Steps to Reproduce

Please provide detailed steps to reproduce the bug. Include any necessary code snippets, commands, or configuration files.
Run “upcp -sb”

Expected Behavior

Place quotes around the key to keep it from breaking config.ini syntax.

Actual Behavior

It updates provider_key=key instead of quotes “key”


ApisCP version: cpcmd misc:cp-version
revision: fac0a5688de1b6172daf33039de78abd003a892a
timestamp: 1712962130
ver_maj: 3
ver_min: 2
ver_patch: 41
ver_pre: 24-gfac0a5688
dirty: false
debug: false

Operating System: uname -r

Additional relevant information (e.g., PHP version, database, etc.):
Using builtin dns (had previously set to CloudFare and decided to change back to builtin)

During bootstrap it shows
TASK [apnscp/bootstrap : Setting dns => provider_key = keyring:xxx] **********************************************************************************************************************
changed: [localhost]

I believe this may be a bug as it isn’t putting the quotes around it.

Additional Information

Provide any additional information about the bug, such as error messages, logs, screenshots, or any other relevant details.

upcp, should be good to go now. You’ll likely need to remove the offending value from /usr/local/apnscp/config/custom/config.ini, [dns] => provider_key before running upcp.

Appreciate the fast response!

I tried it again and it still didn’t put the quotes. I did see it picked up the new code though when I ran it.

lib/Opcenter/Admin/Settings/Cp/Config.php | 4 +±-
lib/modules/keyring.php | 11 +++++++++++
2 files changed, 13 insertions(+), 2 deletions(-)

TASK [apnscp/bootstrap : Setting dns => provider_key = keyring:key
changed: [localhost]


     0B. Error_Reporter::handle_error(2, "syntax error, unexpected '=' in /usr/local/apnscp/config/custom/config.ini on line 34", "/usr/local/apnscp/lib/config.php", 216)
     1B. parse_ini_file("/usr/local/apnscp/config/custom/config.ini", true, 2)

Adding the quotes fixes it and allows apscpn to start but it still seems to break again when upcp is ran. I double checked this three times and it broke each time.

And give it a go once more…

Same thing unfortunately :frowning:

Also didn’t see where upcp pulled any new code changes.

It’s done overnight when cp.nightly-updates is enabled, default: true. Commit with the fix is 1fba8f5, which quotes the value in config/custom/config.ini. After restarting the panel, which is registered as handler here, the configuration would be rebuilt into storage/constants.php thereby resolving the issue.

In its entirety everything should be fine so long as the handler (“Restart apnscp”) ran as part of role execution in apnscp/bootstrap.

I will take a look when I get back and try again!

I can confirm this is fixed now :smile:

Appreciate the prompt response and resolution!